• 1903

    In 1903, Leff Imler (Fred Sr.'s Great Great Uncle) operated a General Store in Rainsburg, Bedford County. He traded with farmers who brought in products to exchange for goods.

  • 1915

    About 1915, Charles Imler (Fred Sr.'s Grandfather) purchased the business and continued with the operation.

  • 1918

    In 1918, Charles and Minty Imler moved the business and the family to 58th Street in Altoona.

    Even with the move, he still continued to do business with the farmers in Friends Cove, Bedford County. Hauling products to Altoona from Bedford County was a two-day trip by horse and wagon. Lester Imler (Fred Sr.'s Father) as a twelve-year-old boy would drive the wagon on the second leg of the journey from Claysburg to Altoona while his father came in on the train to rest and get ready to sell the products. Various products included, eggs, poultry, butter, vegetables, apple butter, and some livestock.

  • 1940

    Charles Imler passed away in 1940. Lester assisted his mother in operations of the business. By this time, we were bringing poultry from West Virginia to be processed and sold by both wholesale and retail. During this time, Minty Imler retired and Lester was the owner. As the need for more turkeys of a superior quality continued, Lester began contracting with growers in the upper tract of West Virginia to grow birds for the business.

  • 1947

    During the 40's (war years), food rationing was a big problem to deal with. In 1947, we began a turkey growing operation locally on 6th Avenue road. Fred Imler Sr. had been working at the Farmer's Market and traveling in the truck on the side since he was seven years old.

  • 1951

    In 1951, after Fred Sr.'s graduation, he became a partner in the business with his brother Richard and father Lester. In addition to several retail locations, the wholesale business covered about a fifty-mile radius of Altoona. Over the years, the business continued to grow.

    We continued growing turkeys, and hauling turkeys and chicken from West Virginia and Virginia to slaughter for retail and wholesale sales.

  • In his younger days, Fred Imler Sr. hard at work.

  • 1968

    Lester Imler died in 1968, and Richard and Fred Sr. operated as partners until 1977. At that time, Richard wanted to devote all of his time to his Agway business and Fred Sr. purchased his interest and real estate.

    Fred Imler II, the son of Fred Sr., was involved working in the business and after Fred Sr. had resolved the buyout; Fred II became a partner in the business.

    Because of Industry changes, we were now buying our chicken already processed and were cutting the product to our customer's specs. As KFC and other fast food groups opened we had more opportunity as suppliers.

  • 1979

    After the 1979 growing season, Fred II convinced Fred Sr. to discontinue the growing and slaughtering of turkeys. Fred II wanted to move the focus of the business to expanding the business distribution volume. We needed more than just poultry on the trucks to get more volume per delivery.

    During this time Karen Imler, daughter of Fred Sr., was working at the Farmer's Market. As the business continued to grow, she became active in the daily office operations.


    In 1980 the business name changed from Imler’s Turkey Farm to Imler’s Poultry.

  • 1983

    In 1983, we acquired approximately fifty Kentucky Fried Chicken locations, which dramatically increased our distribution area. We then needed to fill in with other business in these new areas that KFC now took us.

  • 1984

    With an increase in sales staff in 1984, a red meat and a full deli line were added to the product list. Many renovations were made throughout the years to the 58th Street facility, but it was very clear that Imler's Poultry had outgrown its warehouse. The business moved to 3421 Beale Avenue, Altoona.

  • 1992

    In 1992, Imler's Poultry Transportation Inc. was formed. There were several reasons for this, which benefited the Poultry Company both financially and legally. Now Imler's not only hauled their products, but also started in the outside hauling business. Instead of driving a truck empty to the South, wood products and other items were now being shipped and income earned.

  • 1999

    In June of 1999, Imler's Poultry was awarded the USDA bid for distribution of government commodities to the Southwest Region of Pennsylvania, and in June of 2000, the Northwest Region of Pennsylvania was secured. Imler's Poultry has proven their worth to the State of Pennsylvania by "Distinguishing itself among Pennsylvania's contract distributors in the USDA program." This quote came from Barry Shutt, then the Director for the USDA Program in Harrisburg.

  • 2002

    Since 1982, Imler's Poultry has been fortunate to achieve growth every year in pounds sold. Through all this expansion of volume, we were able to spread the business not putting too great a percentage of business with any one account. All of this growth would not be possible without the dedication of our valued employees.

    This facility has had two major additions including a 14,000 square foot freezer facility that was completed in 2002.

  • 2010

    January - Imler's Poultry was the successful bidder on the former W.S Lee  building at bankruptcy court.

    March - Papers signed making the building/property ownership official.

    July - The big move took place to the new home at the 764 facility. 

  • 2012

    The truck garage with wash bay facility was completed on the hill above Imler’s Poultry.  Fox & James moved in and began servicing all trucks from the new location.

  • 2013

    Imler's Poultry started business 113 years ago with one horse drawn wagon and today over 56 long haul and delivery trucks are on the road. This could not have been achieved without a loyal customer base and solid relationships with vendors. Imler's Poultry treasures all the great relationships that have developed and have great expectations as to what can be accomplish together in the future.

  • Today

    Through the years of growth, the business has moved from generation to generation of Imler family members. Fred Imler Sr. is still very active, along with Fred Imler II and Bryan Imler. While the times are changing, the business philosophy remains the same: "Quality products delivered fresh at competitive prices."



Imler's has been family owned and opperated since 1903. Now, the active role and continuation of the family commitments and traditions are in the hands of the 4th, 5th, and 6th generations. This is proof of the loyalty the Imler family has to their heritage and their founders by continuing to be dedicated to consistently serving their customers.

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Established in 1903, Imler's Poultry is headquartered in Duncansville, Pennsylvania. The company services both retail and foodservice customers throughout the Eastern United States. Imler's customer base includes many National Accounts and their customers are serviced through Imler's privately owned transportation company.

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